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Chapter 7

This type of bankruptcy can help people erase certain types of debt and regain control of their financial situation.

Chapter 13

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help lift pressure from financial institutions, while allowing you to consolidate your debts and schedule payments over a specified amount of time.

Chapter 11

A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Reorganization can protect assets and ongoing business value and stop foreclosure, litigation and the IRS. It can reject unfavorable contracts and leases and restructure business debt.

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Using Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure

Once you’ve filed for Chapter 13 bill consolidation bankruptcy, your next step is to formulate a plan to “cure” or make up the past due mortgage payments and bring your account current.  That will include any late fees and other fees and costs your mortgage company...

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Stopping Wage Garnishments

You get your paycheck, only to be shocked to discover it’s 25% less than the amount you earned.  Your wages have been garnished by a creditor.  You were barely making ends meet with a full check, so this is impossible! Wage garnishment usually has a domino effect....

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How to Stop the Repo Man

Repossession of your vehicle is not just loss of a piece of property; it is a threat to your ability to get to and from work, to get your children to school and other activities, and to provide for the health and well being of your family. Every single day, thousands...

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Understanding Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be a scary concept.   Over the years, the word “bankruptcy” has earned a negative stigma.  For that reason, many people feel that filing for bankruptcy means they somehow failed.  And, creditors don’t hesitate to make them feel that way.  Creditors work...

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Lose Your Job? Get A Fresh Start

The state of the world’s economy is changing rapidly.  Millions of American workers have lost their jobs due to companies down-sizing, out-sourcing or even going out of business.  Many have been forced to take a part-time job, or make less than they used to in a...

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Understanding Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In today’s economy, it sometimes seems we just can’t stay ahead of our debt.  As the cost of living rises, and good-paying full time jobs become more scarce, people around the country are tightening their budgets and sacrificing, not  only luxuries, but also basic...

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